Do not plan the things in details. Keep yourself agile and fluid like a water. We dont know what will change and spoil your plan. Its always better to be ready to accept the Change and Move on.

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The most inspiring woman for me

As usual, I logged into my office laptop today and I saw an email – Who is the most inspiring woman for you? and why? It actually made me think. If I take a look, since my childhood, there have… Continue Reading →

यही तो लाइफ है | लाइफ मी सभी बॉल एक समान थोडे ना मिलेगा?”

Getting depressed as as common as having common cold. You have medicine for the cold, and you should have friends for the depression.

Every single relation should have friendship and the base, where you can talk freely and share the thoughts. You will be safe.

कोरोना – लढाई एका अदृश्य शत्रूशी !!!

1 डिसेंबर 2019, चीन मधल्या वूहान शहरामध्ये एक 55 वर्षाचा व्यक्ती अचानक आजारी पडतो. सर्दी, खोकला, ताप आणि नंतर नयूमोनिआ आणि मृत्यू अगदी १५ ते २० दिवसातच!!. काही दिवसातच अश्या कितीतरी केसेस सुरु झाल्या. डॉक्टर लोकांना पण नक्की काय चालूय… Continue Reading →

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