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Do not plan the things in details. Keep yourself agile and fluid like a water. We dont know what will change and spoil your plan. Its always better to be ready to accept the Change and Move on.

The most inspiring woman for me

As usual, I logged into my office laptop today and I saw an email – Who is the most inspiring woman for you? and why? It actually made me think. If I take a look, since my childhood, there have… Continue Reading →

Never forget – Resistance is the inherent property of the nature

Great learning from Physics. Resistance / Friction is the inherent property of nature and we always find it in our personal, professional, social life.
The key thing to overcome is to try harder, be consistent and make the friction strength and not a weakness.

Pain, anger is not bad – It makes you stronger

Life is really a beautiful journey with lots of twists and turns. Sometimes its beautiful valley with so many flowers and sometimes it’s a adventurous ride of Skyfall. Enjoying and appreciating every single moment is much more important. If you are falling, ask for the help. Try to turn off the negativity and come back to the track as soon as you can!!!

Dad, the bee is not moving!!!

Today, it was a usual day but taught me something new. I finished the work, and went for a short running in the park. This is summer time and people of UK just love it. Seeing families, couples and kids… Continue Reading →

Wish you a very Happy Birthday Little Princes

Its her first ever birthday. My niece, a cute, little, chubby packet of Joy – Vrinda. Last year, exactly same time, I flew to India to see her arrive into our lives. We were showering with lots of excitement and… Continue Reading →

यही तो लाइफ है | लाइफ मी सभी बॉल एक समान थोडे ना मिलेगा?”

Getting depressed as as common as having common cold. You have medicine for the cold, and you should have friends for the depression.

Every single relation should have friendship and the base, where you can talk freely and share the thoughts. You will be safe.

कोरोना – लढाई एका अदृश्य शत्रूशी !!!

1 डिसेंबर 2019, चीन मधल्या वूहान शहरामध्ये एक 55 वर्षाचा व्यक्ती अचानक आजारी पडतो. सर्दी, खोकला, ताप आणि नंतर नयूमोनिआ आणि मृत्यू अगदी १५ ते २० दिवसातच!!. काही दिवसातच अश्या कितीतरी केसेस सुरु झाल्या. डॉक्टर लोकांना पण नक्की काय चालूय… Continue Reading →

Drive safe – Change the attitude

९ फेब्रुवारी २०१४. इंजिनीरिंग च शेवटचा वर्ष. प्लेसमेंट आधीच झालेली तर काहीच टेंशन नव्हतं. कॅम्पस मधल्या Nescafe मध्ये निवांत कॉफी पित कॉलेजचे राहिलेले काही दिवस एन्जॉय करत होतो. चार वाजलेले आणि माझा फोन वाजला. काय माहिती, त्या दिवशी सकाळपासूनच खूप… Continue Reading →

The situation is alarming !!!

Today, I resumed office after a long year-end holiday. It was at least pleasing to see one of my friends in the empty office. He is from Australia and he recently travelled from Sydney. With curiosity, I asked him about the… Continue Reading →

मी परत केलेल एक घड्याळ

नेहमीसारखा आजचा सुट्टीचा दिवस. इतक्या दूर घरापासून एकटा असल्यानं खूप सारा वेळ मिळतो स्वतःला द्यायला. मन रामावण्यासाठी आज लंडन मधल्या एका खूप प्रसिद्ध अश्या मॉल मध्ये फिरत होतो. फक्त पाहत (window शॉपिंग)- खरेदी करायची तर काहीच इच्छा नव्हती. चालत चालत… Continue Reading →

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