Do not plan the things in details. Keep yourself agile and fluid like a water. We dont know what will change and spoil your plan. Its always better to be ready to accept the Change and Move on.

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Dad, the bee is not moving!!!

Today, it was a usual day but taught me something new. I finished the work, and went for a short running in the park. This is summer time and people of UK just love it. Seeing families, couples and kids… Continue Reading →

कोरोना – लढाई एका अदृश्य शत्रूशी !!!

1 डिसेंबर 2019, चीन मधल्या वूहान शहरामध्ये एक 55 वर्षाचा व्यक्ती अचानक आजारी पडतो. सर्दी, खोकला, ताप आणि नंतर नयूमोनिआ आणि मृत्यू अगदी १५ ते २० दिवसातच!!. काही दिवसातच अश्या कितीतरी केसेस सुरु झाल्या. डॉक्टर लोकांना पण नक्की काय चालूय… Continue Reading →

Drive safe – Change the attitude

९ फेब्रुवारी २०१४. इंजिनीरिंग च शेवटचा वर्ष. प्लेसमेंट आधीच झालेली तर काहीच टेंशन नव्हतं. कॅम्पस मधल्या Nescafe मध्ये निवांत कॉफी पित कॉलेजचे राहिलेले काही दिवस एन्जॉय करत होतो. चार वाजलेले आणि माझा फोन वाजला. काय माहिती, त्या दिवशी सकाळपासूनच खूप… Continue Reading →

The situation is alarming !!!

Today, I resumed office after a long year-end holiday. It was at least pleasing to see one of my friends in the empty office. He is from Australia and he recently travelled from Sydney. With curiosity, I asked him about the… Continue Reading →

मी परत केलेल एक घड्याळ

नेहमीसारखा आजचा सुट्टीचा दिवस. इतक्या दूर घरापासून एकटा असल्यानं खूप सारा वेळ मिळतो स्वतःला द्यायला. मन रामावण्यासाठी आज लंडन मधल्या एका खूप प्रसिद्ध अश्या मॉल मध्ये फिरत होतो. फक्त पाहत (window शॉपिंग)- खरेदी करायची तर काहीच इच्छा नव्हती. चालत चालत… Continue Reading →

Five key things corporate should learn from India Elections 2019

23rd May 2019, Election commission of India started counting votes, and 1.3 billion hearts started skipping the beat for the result. By the end of the day when the world’s largest democracy got the next ruling party. National Democratic Alliance… Continue Reading →

प्रवास १० वी नंतरचा- IIT, NIT

मित्रानो, १० वी चा निकाल लागून थोडे दिवस झाले. पालकांची आणि पाल्यांची, ‘पुढे काय करायचा, कुठे एडमिशन घ्यायचा’ याची धावपळ सुरु झाली. काय करायचा ते सुचत नाही. आणि सगळ्यात महत्वाचा म्हणजे, गावातील, खेड्यातील मुलांना योग्य मार्गदर्शन मिळत नाही.  दहावीच्या विद्यार्थ्यांची… Continue Reading →

GST- Tax Revolution in India

GST is “Goods and Service Tax” proposed in the parliament. This bill is pending and is in discussion since 2007.  This thought of centralized and uniformed tax system came into the discussion in 2000 when Vajpayee Government set up the… Continue Reading →

Future of E Commerce in India

Few days ago I was on the vacation. Seating at my home in the remote village of Kolhapur district of Maharashtra state, I was trying to compare some LED TV models for my home. I was very sure to buy… Continue Reading →

…Because you are always the CEO…

Being in a business school gives new aspect to look at the things around you. You can analyze them on different perspectives. It makes you capable to solve difficult and challenging problems. May be faced by the industries or businesses… Continue Reading →

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