14732188-illustration-of-business-team-in-front-of-globe-Stock-Vector-leadership-leader-jobBeing in a business school gives new aspect to look at the things around you. You can analyze them on different perspectives. It makes you capable to solve difficult and challenging problems. May be faced by the industries or businesses or different organization.

Few days ago a thought struck me. “Are these concepts applicable to personal life? Can we apply them to have better solution for the problems faced by us?”

It led me towards a different thinking framework. It changed my view towards all my day to day activities. Every business school participant has an aspiration to become a CEO of a company.

Our life is like a company- A profit making organization…!   It earns profits in terms of money, relations, goodwill or people and friends. At the same time it may suffers loss.

It goes through golden times and sometimes it suffers depression. There are investors, partners, governing body. Our parents, friends, relatives invest in our life. They expect something in returns, or it is our responsibility to give them returns on their investments. Society, its rules and regulations act as governing body and you are the CEO of this organization with majority stake holdings.

This organization must have vision, mission and the strategy.  It gives a path towards success. Millions of such companies are there in the market and you have to make your company stand out among all of them and be the best one.

graph-300x300There are time of downturns, every organization has. Real challenge in front of you as the CEO is to take your organization towards the sustainability as soon as possible. Apply your skills, work hard day and night and make it successful. Your ability to manage these downturns decides the future of your organization. You have the power, and you are the decision maker because you’re the CEO.

There are sunk costs, opportunity costs and returns. Everything you have to manage applying your tools and skill-sets. Lead your organization to make it successful and prosperous. So get at the dashboard. Have better performance management. Work hard and reach new heights.


…because you are always THE CEO…