Physics was my all time the most favourite subject during collage life. When I look back to my journey till today, one of the most important term in the physics resonates to me a lot is the Resistance or Friction. It teaches the most important lesson in the life.

The rule says in simple words – Resistance is the inherent property of the nature. Every time there is change in the status quo – surrounding will offer the resistance to oppose it.

Surprisingly, this not only applies in the physical life but also in our personal, social and even our corporate lives too. Every time when you try to do something new, tor ry to change old ways of working – there will be always some kind of resistance.

Many a times, we just give up and leave trying – but wait ….This friction is always temporary. I am not saying this – but physics does.

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For certain amount of time, this friction will keep increasing. It will reach its optimum and try to break you down, but “If you keep trying consistently and harder, the friction will breakdown itself and it wont be a problem anymore” (Static friction)

Whenever we come across this friction – We always have to keep one thing in our mind is – This will be temporary. We have to push ourselves harder and make that resistance one of our strengths.

I will quote some of the examples in my personal life.

When I was a kid in the school in my village – I used to ask too many questions – Many teachers didn’t like it, Many tried to stop me by simply complaining to my father. When I completed my school, I always wanted to go to IIT. I shared my wish to my family and so called free advisers came home and gave “Free” advise to me and my father – “Why I should not do it or why I cant do it”.

Finally I cleared the exam. Made the choice of one of the best engineering institutes in India – National Institute of Technology. Similar thing happened and received a resistance – Why I should not leave my native place and how it will hamper me.

I completed my engineering and I found my interest in business management. So, I started thinking to do MBA from best schools of India. I started preparing for CAT (Common Aptitude Test) which was one of the most competitive exam in India, and same people came to me saying why I should focus on the job and support the family rather than continuing the education. This was the another emotional resistance.

I cleared the exam with top score – got admission to one of the best B Schools – IIM Indore and similar advice went to my father- why he should not allow me to go because fees will not be affordable and I will bring millions of Rupees loan on his head.

Today, I look back to my journey from a small village with educational family background, and I see – I completed my education, paid off my loan, my family is much more financially stable and I am still dreaming new things and similar people come with resistance. I thank to this friction, which always became my strength and not the weakness.

When I look back – My personal learning is:

We will always face the resistance to our dreams. There will be always someone trying to push us back. Making that resistance our strength and keep moving gradually towards our dreams is the most important step towards the success.”

Even a simple analogy could be – You can not build the muscles unless you have the resistance in the gym.

Respect the resistance. Make it your strength and keep trying harder, smarter and consistent till the time you achieve your dream.

And trust me – You will find this everywhere. Office, home – Personal and professional life – Just be prepared all the time.