Today, it was a usual day but taught me something new.

I finished the work, and went for a short running in the park. This is summer time and people of UK just love it. Seeing families, couples and kids having great time is really awesome.

I kept walking and I overheard a conversation between a son and his father. The kid must not be more

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than 3, on his little cute bicycle, calling his dad,

“Dad, dad!!!

Come here… I wanna show you something”

He was looking at the ground and his facial expressions were worrisome. He was sad, curious and worried at the same time. His dad came closer to him, and kid showed him something-

“Dad, look at this. This bee is not moving. Is she dead? Why is she not moving?”

There was a little dead bee on the ground. His dad said,

“Yeah, thats sad buddy. She gave her best to the nature and she got old you know!”

Kid : “What can we do now? Can we take her to vet?”

He was so innocent thinking – If his dog vet could do something!!

Father: “No, we can say good bye to her.”

He took a leaf. Put the bee on it, and took his son nearby. Asked him to dig a little pit and they put the bee to the rest covering it with the soil & respect.

I was observing this from a little distance. For me this either could be funny, might be silly!!! but I found it really touching. This was a very small thing but his dad did something massive through this little act with his kid.

Empathy, love, respect don’t get built in our kids in a day. It takes time and dad did his job to lay a small brick to build this. Today, trust, empathy are very rare and precious thing but they are much needed for the betterment of the society. Thats what makes us human.

Our small actions towards kids, make a very long term impact. Not only on that kid, but on the society and the nation of the future.

Hats off to that dad and the kid who is really sensitive at this age.