Life is very mysterious and cyclic in nature. Some days are full of joy, fun and some are depressing, painful, and nightmare. 

Since the pandemic hit, last couple of years, I have been through a roller-coaster ride. On personal front, career, and aspirational and even emotional front- it took me through a full wave. 

I will straight conclude the learning as part of this blog. What I learnt through all these times is this. 

Time and situation changes all the time – but its you who decide when

Whatever we are going through, may be the best happy day of the life or even sad, demoralising and worst depressing time of the life. Whatever it might be – Things will change, but – 

It is in our hand to turn the time around and decide the time when it will change. 

Pain is good, just make sure you channel it in the right direction and right place

If we are going through the pain and anger – it is good. It has immense energy. If and only we can channel the energy & anger in the right direction and right place – It will turn out to be the fortune, else it will be just like falling off the cliff.

For example: 

Water in the flood can destroy millions of lives and whatever comes in its path. But the same water with the same force channeled through water dam, can transform everything. 

There could be time when we are so broken into thousands of pieces. It is very tough to stitch them back.

There is a time when a rock from the mine, broken into millions of pieces, but one of the piece turns out to be a diamond. Chopped off, drilled, and went through all the pain – that small piece becomes one of the most valuable things in the world. 

We just need to appreciate the situation and try to find that piece rather that just weeping at the situation

Change is inevitable 

Change is the constant in life. It will be in everything. People will come and go in the life, job conditions will change, personal financial situations will change but what is important is – to appreciate what you had and accept what is changed. Looking for the positivity and moving ahead with full force is very much necessary. “

We say, we get seven lives, but I don’t remember the hell of my past life so, it is very important to consider this one as the last one and make it up to the full potential. 

You are the most important thing – Be healthy and be strong

One of my mentor and friend had said something to me. It went like this,

“Hey, you are 40 plus. Why do you take so much pain in the gym? Its better to grab a beer and spend good time with friends – isn’t it?

What he had replied –

"If I am there – fit and fine, then only my family and friends make sense. So, I must make sure I am perfectly in good condition before thinking for others."

Covid 19 proved once again the survival of the fittest. If you are fit and fine, you don’t have to worry. Fit is not only in terms of physical health, but also in terms of mental health too. 

If you are healthy – mentally and physically – then only all other things are sensible otherwise you will be on the wall and people will forget you eventually. 

  • Kick the negative people out

Most of the time when we catchup – many of our colleagues starts just weeping out. Its not bad but only weeping for the situations – will not make you any better. 

Let’s say you are at the edge of the cliff. You suddenly slipped and falling off the cliff. Rather than someone holding you and pulling you up out of the situation, if just starts explaining how bad it is going to pain when you hit the ground – You are going to die way before you touch the ground. 

People who talk positive and hold your hand and pull out of the situation are rare gems. If you have someone in your life – appreciate them and hold. 

If you have someone who is trying to comfort you with the shoulder when you cry, try to make sure you are crying because you have shoulder or you are getting shoulder because you are crying. 

It is better to be alone rather that just having the shoulder which makes crying more comfortable

Life is really a beautiful journey with lots of twists and turns. Sometimes its beautiful valley with so many flowers and sometimes it’s a adventurous ride of Skyfall. Enjoying and appreciating every single moment is much more important. If you are falling, ask for the help. Try to turn off the negativity and come back to the track as soon as you can.