Today technology is changing at very high rate. Within a month computer technology is multiplying its capacity. This technology change is bringing change to our day to life as well as to our business culture.

I remember those days in the nineties, during my early childhood. BSNL landline had made huge impact in the day to day connectivity. They were really Connecting India through their landline network. That was the phase when that was making us easy to connect each other. It had made huge impact on business activity and contributed to increasing its efficiency.

But still these were wired connections. Breakthrough made when we got cordless phones. Though it was limited to our home, we were able to take calls without moving from our place. Innovations made it easier to see the incoming numbers and we were able to store the name and number. We throw away the telephone diary and adopted this new technology.

Within small period of time technology upgraded itself to mobile technology. Initially were very few operators such as BPL and AT&T were providing this service at very high rate. We were having heavy handsets made by Nokia, Motorola, but we were very happy because it had brought a change to our lifestyle. It had made our life easy.


Communication is the vital part of any business activity. Without communication we can’t even imagine our business activities. Still technology was changing at very high rate and it replaced those heavy handsets with small, slick and light handsets. Reliance introduces their first color display handset in India and life further became easy. Within a span of just eight to ten year we adopted the huge change in the technology.

Today we have Camera, reader, GPS and GPRS technology, and huge memory size, high RAM capacity to get high speed, Office and sheets insulted in the phone and these everything at affordable price. These features have made our life easy.

2_fullsizeToday we cannot imagine ourselves without mobile technology. We order pizza and food just on a single click. We hire cab without calling to anyone. Cab will automatically find you out and reach to you. We are able to see each other though we are thousand miles away just because of the video calling technology available on your palm. This mobile technology has penetrated in each and every part of the life as well as business making everything very easy and simple. Even a farmer at the village now able to see the status of his motor-pump on his mobile. He can operate it without moving from the place. We have adopted smart home technology where we are able to control all the appliances through mobile. Our business has become paperless because of this technology.We are able to do this just because of this technology adoption.

But why  are we lagging in the adoption of the technology in the Pharmaceutical sector?

Today still we are facing hundreds of problems while doing our business. As the admin point of view though we are spending thousands and lakhs of rupees on the medical representatives we are facing huge problem of false reporting. We are spending huge amount on data storage and its analysis. We are not able to forecast and grow our business in right direction unless and until we have authentic data and analyzing tools to analyze it. Today technology is available but small companies are not capable to afford the technology like ERP and CRM. This industry is highly dominated by small and local industries and they are not able to adopt the latest and high end technology hence we are lagging here.

Medical Representative (MR) is the major factor in this industry. Still today he is loaded with the bag full of documents, samples, and notebook in hand and list of the doctors to visit or his schedule for the day. Can’t we think about making life of MR simple and easy?

Business-Mobile-Phones-Technology-to-Improve-Your-BusinessToday mobile technology has reached to high extend were we can keep track of our each and every activity. We can record the data in the cellphone as per our requirement. We can keep on informing our admin about our activities directly and this can be done in real time.

Admin can monitor MRs, he can guide him in real time. He will be able to get genuine real time data and can generate hundreds of report according to his requirement. This will make him easy to move his business in right direction with proper business forecasting and competitor analysis.

Enterprise Mobility for pharma


This can be done at affordable price using real time mobile application in the form of android andenterprisemobility_graph iOS. We here at CUZTOMISE are doing this. We are providing the future technology at affordable rates through BYOD and Device Bundled Pack. We are revolutionizing the industry through providing and implementing next generation enterprise mobility technology at affordable price.




Vijay Magdum